Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cocoa Loco on the Go!

Officially open for business starting December 6, 2017!
*Open only to the residents (and their guests) of Beechdale Subdivision.

Piping hot cocoa delivered straight to your front door!  What could be better than that?

Menu and Prices:
  • 16 oz Prices
    • Simple Hot Cocoa (no marshmallows): $1.25
    • Mounds of Comfort (with lots of marshmallows): $1.75
    • Tropical Delight (with fruity, colorful marshmallows): $1.75
  • 8 oz Prices
    • Simple Hot Cocoa (no marshmallows): $0.75
    • Mounds of Comfort (with lots of marshmallows): $1.00
    • Tropical Delight (with fruity, colorful marshmallows): $1.00
  • Subscription service
    • Receive your preferred size(s) and style(s) once weekly for $0.25 off!
    • Subscription automatically delivered, no refunds, but feel free to cancel anytime.  Vacation days may be omitted if given 24 hour notice.
Place your order or subscribe today!

I'm looking forward to serving you!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Age change!


Hi again my aniversery for this blog was a few weeks ago so now im 9 I will be 10 in May. Benjamin is 7 he will be 8 in April.Sophia is 5 she will be 6 in Febuary. Daniel is 4 he will be 5 in December next year.Abigail is 2 she will be 3 in October.Sorry I forgot to updat you guys on that!


Catching up

Hi everybody I am so so sorry about not wrighting  for so long school and every thing has just been crazy.My little brother Daniel just had a birthday he is now 4! he just turned for Wensday and my mom Terra just  had a birthday to! She turned 35. Now I am going to make you guys a promise every week I will wright a blog ok?

Christmas time is coming!

I have a anouncment to make! Santa is coming to town very soon. And we have got to be perpared so stop fighting and start being friendly or you are going to get a lump of coal for christmas!Start singing carols and reading christmas story's! Instead of wanting to get gifts you should be wanting to give gifts!Christmas is about family not being greedy about getting christmas presents.Take my advice it could come in useful. Don't just sit inside and watch the tv play outside enjoy the wintery weather it wont be here for ever folks.

Monday, August 1, 2016

New home!

Home sweet home!

Hi guys! Im really sorry, I havent been  on. But I have really exiting news! 
me and my family got a house! Yay! We are really exited. We were sleeping on mattress's
for a wile. But my brothers and one of my sisters and mom and dad, Already have a bed. But me and 
my other sister, dont:(  We just got furniture a few days ago yay!

Birthday time

hi guys I forgot to tell you all last post that im not 
8 anymore im 9! my birthday was May 26!

Thank you everyone for all the prayers!

Friday, June 10, 2016

home or no home?

Hello every one. I'm so sorry I haven't been writing. It's been really busy trying to get a house and trying to sell our house. Oh sorry, I haven't told you what I'm on for yet! So here it is: We got someone to buy our house the fifth day it was on the market! Good news right?! But there is still bad news; we still haven't bought a house yet. We have put two offers in but they both got rejected. :( But we figured out were able to spend more money then we thought we could. :) I'm mean its hard to get a house with four bedrooms. Oh sorry. We have 7 in our family. Because of the mold we have to get a house with hard wood floors or at least no carpet. No carpet - I mean who doesn't like carpet? It's so comfy. And have I told you that my family can't have wheat, most of us can't have corn and some of us can't have dairy. So that's why we got the mold guy. And we have to be out of the house the 30th! :()

My dad has arthritis. He used to be a tennis player but he can't because of it. :( But my brother is starting to play baseball and I just started to play tennis.  It is a really good sport. If you ever think of going to tennis, go to 10 and under tennis. That's what I do. It's really fun, trust me. 

Thats all I got today - Bye!

Lots of prayers please!

Hannah mai santos

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mold Mold Mold!!!

New home

So sorry i have been forgetting about my blog! So much  has happened sense the last time i wrote. Ok here is the story of mold mold mold.     Ok it all started about in March Early in March we had heard some of our friends had a mold test because they have a lot of health issues. And my mom thought maybe we should have it done to just in case. Because we have a lot of health issues too. So we had a mold guy come out to come and test are house. After it was done. He told us we were going to have to replace the carpet and pretty much every thing we had we would have to replace! (*Mom note: this first inspector didn't tell us all these things, further inspection results and the doctor did) So he told us our house was not going to burn. And he prayed for us  then he left. Right after he left I  shouted are house is going to burn!!! but i was being a little bit crazy. ok a lot crazy. At the time dad was at work my mom called him and told him about it. That night my mom and dad talked about it. And i don't remember a lot about  it so here is some about it. we had a huge moving sale and every thing someone didn't buy at the end of it some people got what ever was  left.So after that my mom got someone to help us. And we found this site called youcaring.com. So if you want to donate some money just go there and type terra santos and it will take you were you need to go to donate and a little bit more about it. Any way my mom got some painters and people to do the carpet and a contractor to help us. With the hole thing we figured out we were going to have to move! So we are going to sell the house. Right now we are in a temporary house we have been in it for about 2 months now. We are not aloud to go back into the mold house ever again! The last day we were able to go into the house i looked at my bedroom ceiling and it looked like a house i almost cried. Every night i think about the house and cry i miss my home a lot and the hole thing is very complicated! Our house is supposed to be on the market tomorrow whoo hoo! As soon as the house sells we will be able to look for a new one we only have the temporary house intill July! So I think thats all i got for right now so bye!
Lots of  prayers please!

from Hannah Santos.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Long time no see

Sick times
My brother Daniel was sick yesterday. He had a fever.  Today he was feeling a little bit better but he is still sick, so please pray for him.

Birthday time 
my sister Sophia, has a birthday. On the 15 she will be 5.  She is very exited, she is going to have a icecream cake.

Cold times 
get ready, it will be spring soon. Woo hoo! Yay! It is so cold outside.

Valentines day 
get ready y'all, its allmost valentines!